30 Nov 2023

Millions of Americans will travel in the next few weeks to visit family and friends for the holidays. Likewise, millions of Americans will also host visitors for the holidays. If you are a homeowner that is hosting family and friends this holiday season, you may be a little concerned about protecting your carpet from the increase in foot traffic.

Magnus Anderson specializes in high quality flooring options for our customers. We understand that after carefully searching for and choosing the right carpet for your home, you will want it to last as long as possible without damage to it. Accidents from visiting pets, a red wine spill, water from rain or snow tracked into the house, and delicious food dropping from the dining room table are all possibilities in the next few weeks, but the team at Magnus Anderson has some ideas on how you can prevent damage to your carpet flooring.

Start by having your guests take off their shoes when they enter your home. Furthermore, placemats inside the doorways of your house for wet shoes, umbrellas, and anything else that comes from the outside that is wet. This will save your carpet so much wear and tear, and it’s simple to do.

Also, if you are putting extra furniture, like a rollaway bed or additional tables and chairs out for guests, place protective material under the legs of the furniture to keep your carpet safe from the possible damage of shifting furniture or the weight of the furniture.

You probably will not feel the need to place a protective tablecloth under your main dining table for the adults to eat, but if you have young guests that are eating meals in a room with carpet flooring, then you may want to put a plastic tablecloth with a soak proof backing on it down on the floor so that spills will not leave their mark on your carpet.

For many, the holidays are a time to celebrate each other through food and fun. Our team at Magnus Anderson hopes you have a wonderful holiday season. If you are looking to put some high quality carpet flooring down in your home, give us a call at our Fayetteville, North Carolina location at (910) 483-0468.

23 Oct 2023

After the long, hot summer that we just experienced, it may be hard to remember what colder weather feels like. The time is quickly approaching though when we will trade our flip flops for cozy socks and insulated boots. Inevitably there will come a morning when you get out of bed, place your bare feet on the floor and quickly pull them back under the warm covers. In that moment, you will wish you had carpet.

It may seem like common sense that carpet is a warmer flooring option than hardwood or laminate, but the why is a little more complex. You can tell immediately once your feet touch carpet in winter months that it is warmer than your bare floor, but did you know that having carpet throughout your home can actually warm it?

That is because carpet acts as a type of insulation, especially if your home was constructed on a concrete slab with nothing below it. When your feet touch the bare hardwood or laminate floor in winter months, the floor surface can be cooler than your body temperature, even if the room is heated correctly. A properly installed carpet will reduce the rate of heat loss in the room it is in, making the room feel warmer.

The type of carpet installed will determine the insulation effect of the carpet. Our team at Magnus Anderson specializes in finding the right carpet flooring solutions for our clients. With so many textures, styles, and colors to choose from, carpet installation is an inexpensive and simple flooring solution. As a matter of fact, according to “Floor Covering Weekly”, more people are choosing carpet over any other type of flooring option. While the most popular choice is carpeting made of durable nylon fiber, many clients are opting for a natural fiber like wool as well.

Are you interested in keeping your house warmer this winter by installing carpet? Let the professionals at Magnus Anderson help you! The staff at our Fayetteville, North Carolina location are certified and trained flooring professionals who have a history of impeccable workmanship and unrivaled customer service. Give us a call today at (910) 237-6749!

08 Oct 2023

Just a couple of weeks ago, North Carolina was hit hard by Hurricane Florence. While there was a lot of structural damage done by high winds, billions of damage was caused by flooding in residential areas and business centers alike. If you are a homeowner or a home builder that was personally affected by Hurricane Florence, our hearts go out to you. We hope that you can rebuild and repair what was lost or damaged quickly and smoothly. The team at Magnus Anderson is here to help you in any way we can.

Our staff are experts in flooring. We love to find our clients the right flooring for them, whether it is wood, laminate, carpet and so much more. In today’s market, there are so many high quality options for carpet flooring. When flooding happens many homeowners wonder if they will have to discard their carpet flooring and replace it. The answer depends on a couple of factors. If the carpet flooring has been flooded for more than 24 hours then you run the risk of mold developing. Obviously, the longer the carpet has been flooded or wet, the more risk there is. It also matters what kind of water has flooded the carpet flooring. If the carpet was flooded by water that was pretty clean then there is a chance it can be saved. In the case of hurricane flooding, the flood waters could have been contaminated by sewage and it would be best to get rid of the carpet for safety purposes.

If you decide to attempt to salvage your carpet flooring, we highly recommend that you hire professionals who are skilled in cleaning carpets that have sustained a high level of water damage. They will know the best ways to dry the carpet, deep clean the carpet, and dehumidify the carpet. If you want to save the carpet, carpet professionals are your best chance.

If you decide to replace your carpet flooring, Magnus Anderson would love to help you with your choices. Give us a call today at (910) 483-0468.

24 Jul 2023

When remodeling or giving your home a bit of an uplift, there is always that question to ponder: carpeting or hardwood floors? Flooring tends to be one of the biggest decisions that a homeowner can be faced with and although both have their pros and cons, here are a few reasons why carpet triumphs over wood!


  1. Carpet provides insulation during the cold months. Think about it. You’re lying warm in your bed on a cold winter morning. The alarm rings for you to get up and get ready for work. You step out of bed and your feet are met with the cold embrace of a freezing floor underfoot. Not ideal? We thought not. With carpet throughout the home, you can enjoy the added benefits of a warm floor in the winter, with insulation that keeps your home warmer in those chilly months.


  1. Carpet is less expensive to install than hardwood. Hardwood flooring can average about $9 to $12 per square foot, which may not seem like a lot until you take into account the overall square footage of your home. Carpeting averages between $3 and $5 per square foot, which is a significant difference in cost. If you are hoping to save some money on your remodel, carpet is the way to go.


  1. Carpeting is safer for small children and pets. How many times can you recall your child falling down in your home, perhaps bumping their heads, hitting their elbows or knees? With carpeting installed in your home, you can rest assured that if your little one takes a tumble, they will have a cushion to support them.


  1. Carpets are safer for those homeowners with allergies and asthma. Because carpet is able to trap dust particles between the tufts, there is less of a worry about aggravated allergy symptoms and less asthma flare ups. The dust can be transported from carpet to vacuum so there is significantly less in the air.


  1. Carpets are quieter than hardwood. Have you ever been in someone’s home and they have pets? The hardwood magnifies the sound of the pets claws tapping through the house. When they are installed on multiple story homes, homeowners often complain about the noises overhead from people walking on the floor. With carpeting, the floors are quieter and more insulated which provide for a more quiet space.


If you are considering a remodel in your home and want to give carpeting a try, please contact us at Magnus Anderson, where we have the best reputation for flooring solutions in the Fayetteville, NC area. Give us a call at 910-237-6749 or visit us on the web at Magnus Anderson NC!

05 May 2023

Spring time is the perfect time to consider making some flooring changes to your home. The flooring options for homeowners and homebuilders are numerous, but many homeowners and homebuilders will choose carpet flooring for at least some of the rooms in their homes, particularly the bedroom areas and the living room and den areas. While hardwood flooring or other flooring alternatives are popular with many homeowners and homebuilders, the use of carpet in homes has not diminished over the past few decades, and for many good reasons.

Carpet is functional and practical. The majority of homeowners and homebuilders will choose carpet that is comfortable to walk on. There are several carpet options that are not just comfortable to walk on, but also to sit on as well. In the cooler months of the year, carpet acts as an insulator, trapping heat. This usually results in a lower heating bill for residents. Carpet also acts a noise insulator. You can tell a difference in sound quality in a room that is carpeted versus one that is not.

Carpet provides safety features as well. People tend not to fall as easily on carpet, and when they do, injuries seem to be less severe, as carpet cushions their fall. This is particularly helpful in homes with small children and older adults. Believe it or not, new carpet can also help with the air quality of the home. Dust, dirt and air allergens get trapped in the fibers of carpet instead of floating in the air of the room. People struggling from breathing issues may see their symptoms improve with carpet installation.

There are so many high quality options when it comes to carpet. From plush to practical, and everything in between. Magnus Anderson specializes in flooring for new and existing homes. The professionals at Magnus Anderson want to help you find the right carpet option for you. We will walk with you every step of the way of your project from the consultation to picking out the perfect carpet and installing it to your satisfaction. Are you considering carpet installation for your home? Give Magnus Anderson a call today at (910) 483-0468.

02 Mar 2023

Your home is more than just a house. It’s a statement of your creative style. You want your home to represent your taste while also maintaining functionality for your family.

Carpet could be the perfect way to update your home this year and create the space that you’ve always wanted!

For high-traffic areas of the home, choose carpet in styles like Berber. For a more upscale look choose a patterned carpet. There are endless options for you to personalize your living space.

Choosing carpet is more than a choice in style. Carpet helps to insulate your home from the harsh cold of winter and the dreaded heat of summer. This can be a huge advantage for your heat and Air conditioning bills.

Carpeting is also the perfect home flooring choice for a family. Carpet reduces the risk of slips and falls by providing traction and provides a cushion for a new baby learning to crawl across the floor! And bonus – that same carpet will also reduce noise as your kids grow and start running around and listening to loud music in their bedrooms.

Carpeting today isn’t the carpet you had as a kid. Today’s carpets are durable, stylish, and easy to clean. New technology helps prevent stains and keeps high traffic areas looking just as great as the day your carpet was installed with the proper cleaning and maintenance.

Imagine waking up in the morning and stepping out of your warm, cozy bed and onto the plush warmth of brand new carpet! Never feel cold, hard floors in your early morning haze again.

Carpets make your house cozy, expansive, and warm.

For carpets that bring life into your home in Fayetteville, Raleigh, Pinehurst, or the surrounding areas, contact Magnus Anderson at 910-491-1225!