24 Jul 2023

When remodeling or giving your home a bit of an uplift, there is always that question to ponder: carpeting or hardwood floors? Flooring tends to be one of the biggest decisions that a homeowner can be faced with and although both have their pros and cons, here are a few reasons why carpet triumphs over wood!


  1. Carpet provides insulation during the cold months. Think about it. You’re lying warm in your bed on a cold winter morning. The alarm rings for you to get up and get ready for work. You step out of bed and your feet are met with the cold embrace of a freezing floor underfoot. Not ideal? We thought not. With carpet throughout the home, you can enjoy the added benefits of a warm floor in the winter, with insulation that keeps your home warmer in those chilly months.


  1. Carpet is less expensive to install than hardwood. Hardwood flooring can average about $9 to $12 per square foot, which may not seem like a lot until you take into account the overall square footage of your home. Carpeting averages between $3 and $5 per square foot, which is a significant difference in cost. If you are hoping to save some money on your remodel, carpet is the way to go.


  1. Carpeting is safer for small children and pets. How many times can you recall your child falling down in your home, perhaps bumping their heads, hitting their elbows or knees? With carpeting installed in your home, you can rest assured that if your little one takes a tumble, they will have a cushion to support them.


  1. Carpets are safer for those homeowners with allergies and asthma. Because carpet is able to trap dust particles between the tufts, there is less of a worry about aggravated allergy symptoms and less asthma flare ups. The dust can be transported from carpet to vacuum so there is significantly less in the air.


  1. Carpets are quieter than hardwood. Have you ever been in someone’s home and they have pets? The hardwood magnifies the sound of the pets claws tapping through the house. When they are installed on multiple story homes, homeowners often complain about the noises overhead from people walking on the floor. With carpeting, the floors are quieter and more insulated which provide for a more quiet space.


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