02 Feb 2023

During the winter months, homeowners who currently have hardwood or laminate floors may start thinking about having carpet installed. One too many cold mornings can leave them wondering if carpet would be worth the investment. Practically speaking, because of carpets ability to retain heat, you could absolutely see a reduction in your heating bill if you install it. However, beyond that, there are many aesthetic and practical reasons why you should consider installing carpet in your home.

Because of the many styles and colors of carpet, your design options are practically endless. While Berber is still a very popular choice among home builders and homeowners, there are many other pile styles as well, like the highly textured frieze style or the shag style. Other choices include plush pile, and Saxony. You can choose carpets made out of manmade materials like polyester, nylon or acrylics, or carpets made out of natural materials like wool. Natural materials such as wool tend to be among the most expensive carpet options.

Before you decide which carpet you would like to install in your home, there are certain things to consider. Where do you want to install carpet in your home? Some homeowners opt for wall to wall carpet in most living spaces, while others decide to install carpet only in the bedrooms. Do you need carpet that is pet friendly? Sometimes our pets can really cause a great deal of wear and tear on our carpet surfaces. There are carpet options that would be best for homeowners with pets that will help to reduce the wear and tear. When carpet is installed, a foam, rubber, or fiber underlayment is put down first. This is used to reduce noise, provide cushioning and help extend the life of the carpet. Your carpet installer will know which to use for your particular carpet choice. How will you clean your carpet? Before purchasing and installing carpet, you should have an idea of how to properly care for it.

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