02 Feb 2023

Granite Countertops have remained the most popular choice for kitchen upgrades among homeowners and home builders for many years. Granite countertops are incredibly tough, tend to be heat resistant, and are easy to clean. With an abundance of granite countertop choices, it is not hard to see why people would prefer granite over other materials, like laminate.

However, from time to time, granite countertops can be stained by certain substances. Creative Stone wants to share with you tips on how to clean your granite countertop, so that you can protect your investment. For general cleaning of your granite countertop, you don’t. need much. Avoid abrasive kitchen cleaners, and instead opt for a mild dishwashing detergent and warm water. Harsh cleaners can do damage to the protective seal on your granite countertops.
Granite Countertops
If you see water stains on your granite countertop, simply blot them up with a gentle, dry cloth. These stains are temporary, although to prevent them altogether, make sure that your granite countertop has a protective seal on it.

Stains that appear because of organic sources, like coffee cup rings or fruit juice, will look brownish-pink in appearance. The stain may disappear on its own as soon as the source of the stain is removed. If it doesn’t, simply take a cotton ball or paper towel and soak it in bleach. Place it directly on the stain for 24 hours before wiping the counter clean. Make sure to seal your granite countertop afterwards.

A pancake batter-like mixture of baking soda and acetone left on the countertop for 24 hours can get rid of a stain on your granite countertop caused by oil. Just as in the case of organic stains, once clean, you should seal your granite countertop.

One part water and one part bleach left on a granite countertop for 15 minutes can clear up stains caused by mold or mildew. For rust stains, it is best to get a professional to take care of it. The team at Creative Stone can help with that.

Most stains that happen on granite countertops happen because the countertops were not sealed properly after installation with a solvent based sealer. Our professionals at Creative Stone can answer all of your questions concerning the care of your granite countertops. If you have questions or are looking to install granite countertops in your home, give us a call today at (910) 491-1225.