15 May 2023

It is among one of the biggest decisions that homeowners and home builders will face when constructing or remodeling their homes. Do you go with hardwood flooring or do you go with carpet, and if you choose both, then where do you spread out the two options. At Magnus Anderson, we see people struggle with this decision on a regular basis. We thought we would share some pros and cons of both to help you out before you get to our showroom.

Hardwood flooring is a popular option among homeowners and home builders, and it is easy to see why. Hardwood flooring provides a sleek, polished look to any room. The possibilities are numerous with hardwood flooring and it is fairly easy to assemble. Clean-up tends to be easy, although some options require specific cleaning instructions. Prices range from pretty inexpensive to fairly pricey depending on which hardwood flooring option you go with. Hardwood flooring works in common living spaces, like dining rooms and family rooms, bedrooms and even kitchens. Some homeowners and home builders will put hardwood flooring throughout the entire home for a uniform look. Most stop short of putting hardwood flooring in the bathroom areas however, due to the risk of water damage to it.

Carpet flooring is still the most popular type of flooring in the United States. The wall-to-wall carpet flooring that we see installed in homes today found its’ way into the United States in the early 20th century. There are many reasons why homeowners and home builders still choose carpet for their homes. Carpet is a good insulator, helping to keep homes warm in cold weather. It is also a noise insulator, providing less echo in any room it is in. Carpet obviously is a softer surface, so those with small children or older adults in the home may feel that carpet flooring is a safer option. It is also fairly easy to care for, and the carpet flooring options in the industry today are many. Carpet can range from extremely economical to higher than average prices for finer carpet materials. Some homeowners and home builders choose to place carpet in the bedrooms, while placing hardwood flooring in the living room and dining room areas. Some choose carpet for all of the bedroom and living areas, mostly deciding against carpet for the kitchen and bathroom areas due to fear of water damage.

Whichever option you choose, or if you choose both, Magnus Anderson believes you can’t go wrong with either one. If you are interested in installing hardwood flooring or carpet in your home, the professional team at Magnus Anderson would love to help you decide. Give us a call today at (910) 483-0468!