21 Sep 2023

Choosing hardwood floors for homes and offices isn’t anything new, but did you know that this staple in home design can be more versatile than you think?

Your design choice for hardwood floors will impact the overall aesthetic of your home or office. From furniture placement to the overall feel of your space, the pattern of your hardwood floors is the foundation for your design.

Hardwood floors are traditionally laid out in a straight pattern, with the boards being uniform in shape and color. This design is useful if you desire a simple or contemporary home design, and it’s the least expensive option when installing hardwood floors.

If you like the look of simplicity and uniform color for your hardwood floors, but you want a little more detail or an old world feel, the random pattern is your best option. Much like the straight pattern, these hardwood floors are installed in parallel lines, the only difference being that the boards themselves have differences in width.

Other layout options demand attention, which is useful if you want to feature your hardwood floors prominently over other design elements. Choose from diagonal hardwood floor installations or parquet and herringbone patterns for a touch of luxury and elegance in your space. You can also create custom designs like puzzle pieces or mosaic images. The options for hardwood floor design is endless!

Whether you’re designing around your hardwood floors or you just want them to be an accent to the rest of your home design, Magnus Anderson can help you discover the hardwood floors that are perfect for you!