16 Jul 2023

With the damage of Hurricane Matthew still looming over the city, many people are considering remodeling and repairing their homes. One of the number one and most costly repairs includes damage to your flooring, which can seem like a nightmare after you receive an initial estimate.

For this reason, you should consider installing laminate flooring in your home. With Creative Stone, there are many pros to consider when investing in laminate flooring. Here are some of the reasons why this flooring may be best for you.

Versatile Designs: Do you love the look of hardwood flooring in the home? What about natural stone and marble? Today, the process of production for laminate floors can offer a variety of different looks for your home to fit your specific needs.

Easy Clean-up: Ever consider how expensive it becomes to clean a carpet after your two-year-old spills purple grape juice in the middle of the living room floor? Or how time consuming it becomes to maintain the overall shine in your natural hardwood? With laminate floors, the clean-up process can be a breeze. The wear layer of the flooring provides a protective seal that allows for protection from most stains and spills.

Mold and Mildew: Like the issues with hurricane Matthew, there were many NC residents who had to tear out their flooring, or either move due to the threat of growing mold after the high waters covered the insides of their homes. Laminate is a natural resistant to mold, leaving you worry free and unconsciously more healthy.

Convenience: While hardwood and carpet can not only be costly, but also time consuming, laminate flooring can be installed, depending on the size of the room, in as little as a day and a half.

Cost: The biggest pro to consider is definitely cost. While installing a new hardwood floor can range between hundreds, to thousands of dollars, laminate flooring can be as little as .25 cent per plank.

With various choices in flooring, considering laminate could be a very beneficial choice! If you’re considering an install of laminate flooring in your home, please give us a call at (910) 491-1225 or visit us online at http://creativeston.wpengine.com/!